Retread. Commercial Truck/Bus. All-Season Drive tire for Bus & Coach, Distribution and Pickup & Delivery Applications. Configuration - Tandem Axle. Also Available with MilEdges®.


  • Center tie bar
  • More rubber in center of the pattern
  • Wide, open shoulder voids
  • Multi-pitch design
  • MilEdges┬« - thin sipes cut across the tread surface
  • 22/32nds tread depth


  • Stabilizes the center of the footprint to improve handling and tread wear
  • Enhances ice traction, handling, and tread wear
  • Provide excellent "clean out" in sticky mud and snow conditions
  • Quiets the road noise and contributes to a smoother ride
  • Designed to reduce diagonal wear, increase braking surface and reduce heat generation for increased performance


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